The Vision Ophthalmology Group has locations spread right across Europe

VOG is well represented by wholly owned entities in key European markets and by partner companies elsewhere.

Vision Ophthalmology Group (VOG) is a powerful network of leading distribution companies in Europe. It possesses profound and extensive market experience in the field of ophthalmology. Our businesses oer a comprehensive range of innovative ophthalmic products, including intraocular lenses, cataract surgery systems, devices and disposables, refractive surgery products as well as diagnostic and treatment options for glaucoma and retinal diseases. VOG has a network of specialists in these fields providing customised business solutions backed by in-depth knowledge of the markets in which they operate.

VOG focuses on patient outcomes and pursues excellence at all times, demonstrated by the portfolio of high-quality products, a strong service orientation, 

and a suite of educational services. With both training programmes for surgeons and nurses plus consulting activities, user contact is reinforced while enhancing the image and reputation of all its suppliers. VOG helps companies to act as strategic suppliers by expanding their access to markets within and beyond Europe, and by providing overall support and innovative financing solutions.

To support our suppliers, product launches are data driven and follow a clearly defined business plan. Further services include comprehensive marketing support and extensive training for sales teams.

Suppliers benefit from VOG’s mature infrastructure of senior managers with long-standing experience, capable of orchestrating market campaigns and

ensuring that all partner brands emprace a common group strategy. While preserving their identity as independent subsidiaries, our businesses use VOG’s vast network of supplier partners to capture new business, develop new distribution channels, and exploit cross-selling opportunities to build larger sales volumes.

VOG enhances and extends its subsidiaries sales and marketing influence by facilitating access to global suppliers from the United States, Asia and Europe. Our current operations in Europe include companies in Germany, Austria , Switzerland, Poland and the UK.  Looking ahead, there is a strong focus on further expansion into all European markets. For detailed subsidiary profiles, please click on the map above.