Vision Ophthalmology Group – Europe’s leading independent Ophthalmic solutions provider

We are a leading European full-service company providing high quality ophthalmic supplies and services used by eye surgeons for surgery and diagnostics.

Our Focus

We focus on patient outcomes and providing our customers with the best resources to deliver optimum eye care.

Excellence is our watchword and we remain at the leading edge, searching for innovative, high-quality quality ophthalmic products including intraocular lenses, cataract surgery systems, devices and disposables, refractive surgery products as well as diagnostic and treatment options for glaucoma and retinal diseases.

Who we are

VOG was set up from existing companies to create a full service European supply and service entity for ophthalmologists with a view to pursuing excellence at all times.

Not only does the company possess profound and extensive market experience in the field of ophthalmology but our network of local specialists provide customised business solutions tailored to the needs of individual markets.

What we can do for our customers

Independent advice and expertise combined with access to the best products the industry offers. Our ultimate aim is to enable our customers to produce the best treatment outcomes for patients and we do this by helping ophthalmic physicians and clinics with the provision of quality products, a strong service orientation, and a suite of educational services. We remove the compromise of working with one manufacturer by being the only provider independent of any single company.

With both training programmes for surgeons and nurses plus consulting activities, VOG enable ophthalmologists to get the best technology and the best for their patients because of our strong partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers.

What we can do for our supply partners

We work with you to enhance your image, reputation and sales. Because of our close relationship with end users VOG helps companies to act as strategic suppliers by expanding their access to markets within and beyond Europe, and by providing overall support and innovative financing solutions.

Furthermore, product launches are data driven and follow a clearly defined business plan. VOG’s mature infrastructure of senior managers with long-standing experience mean we can offer extensive training for sales teams and orchestrate market campaigns that ensure all partner brands embrace a common group strategy.